When you own a business, there are very few things better than having a team of people with good character as each individual holds a trait that separates themselves from others and it’s always nice having a variety of traits to help boost your business! You never want to be substandard, so these seven traits not only apply to you, but to anyone you’re hiring, you’ll want to keep a keen eye out for these.

  1. Be Honest

Any good person is usually pretty honest. They do whatever is right and keep it clean with no cheating just so they can get ahead of the curve. If you’re honest and have a good character, then they know exactly what is expected of them and the standard they must stick to. It separates the dreamers from the doers and the successful from the non-successful. Cheats never prosper so always do your work right and be honest.

  1. Survivor

Behind someone’s character normally stands a pile of trial and errors across their life. What separates a survivor from a quitter is the desire to get back up after being knocked down and carrying on. No matter how tough times are, people with exceptional character should have the faith and desire to push through this tough period and break through to the other side.

  1. Leadership

Normally, good character and leadership go hand-in-hand. People will always want to follow those who have suffered, but succeeded, possess self-awareness, patience and are able to rise above it all. No matter what their title is, if someone has exceptional character then word of mouth will get out about their strong reputation and someone others should be striving to work with or for.

  1. Elegant

Self-control is a trait that can separate the good from the great. If you possess self-control, then you have a calmer demeanour as you show others your patience and ability to listen and take in others advice and opinions. You’d be surprised the concentration you need to listen rather than talk. Instead of getting involved in the pettiness of who’s right or wrong in a conflict, they much prefer finding a path to the solution that involves innovation and inclusion.

  1. Hard worker

You don’t have to be born with good character to succeed, the majority of us aren’t. You need to develop your character over time through constant hard work and commitment. It’s almost impossible to develop your character without working hard and suffering through the conflict and challenges. The reasoning as to why hard work is so valuable is because it’s one of few things that can outdo or outlast both genius and talent.

  1. Helper

Most people who are determined to succeed will always be happy to help others. Normally these types of people will be more than happy to jump in and help others succeed. Becoming successful to them is never viewed as a solo effort, but always as a team effort.

  1. Inspire

Inspiration is a huge trait to have as some people can inspire others almost effortlessly. Very rarely do they want to be centre stage and have all the attention focused on them, but rather they’re the calming influence people listen to when they talk. The most notable traits people who inspire have are composure and smart decision making.

It can be difficult acquiring these traits, but through experience and decision making, your character will stand out more than someone’s sheer talent or intellect you just need to have the determination, will and courage to succeed.