One of the easiest ways to become successful is by helping others. If you’re focusing on yourself, then you may be going about becoming successful in the wrong way. What you should do instead is begin shifting your attention onto others and begin making an impact on people who appreciate you.

If you do this, then what will start to happen is more people will appreciate you. Don’t worry, the success will come later on along the line, but for now you’re making their lives superb.

Pay attention to other’s lives

What you should do is begin paying attention to other people’s lives. Sounds simple no? But how many times has someone told you something such as their child’s name only for you to forget it two minutes later! You’ll be surprised the impact that remembering such simple things can have on a person because it indicates to them that you do care about their life and how important they are to you. The more they know that you care about them, the more they begin caring about you.

Share your network

You should be open to introducing people to others you know in order to help advance and forward their goals. If you go to a networking event, have a think about who could benefit from attending this event and allow them to expand their network. Again, this can work vice versa, people will start thinking about you when they’re attending these networking events and invite you so you can expand your networking range.

Inspiring is worth more than motivating

It’s relatively easy to motivate an employee, this can be done through a raise or even giving them a fancy title, and it will keep them motivated at least for a period of time because they want to show their appreciation. But once time passes they forget about the additional money and fancier title because it has become their norm and again their performance could take a dip.

As an alternative, by treating employees with respect and frequently letting them know how much you appreciate them and the contribution they’re making, you will find that they are constantly motivated to continually increase their efforts.

Provide feedback in an honest way

This can be a tricky one, because some people don’t like confrontation, whereas the ones who do don’t often confront in a respectful manner. You need to find the happy medium because if you do, then the constructive feedback can actually uplift others and tremendously improve the work they produce. The more feedback you provide that helps others improve, then the more likely they’ll be to open up and provide feedback that will help you as well.

Very few people have become successful from focusing on themselves and themselves alone, you need to give to then receive. Once others begin appreciating the time and effort you’re putting in to help them, then the success will begin to follow.