Another exciting month is upon us and we’re over the moon that we can present to you our ad of the month for June.

The ad of the month for June is by Everybody.World for their Trash Tee.

Many businesses and people globally are trying to change their current stance and recycle more, but Everybody.World have managed to take it to the next level for their company and produce an ad that shows exactly what they’re trying to do to save the planet whilst advertising their “Trash Tee” which is made from 100% recycled waste fibres other businesses normally discard.

Not only that but the ”Trash Tee” is the first 100% recycled t-shirt in the world!


As you can see they’ve kept up their recycling mentality and have created an ad which clearly advertises their product whilst everything used, from audio to film, has been recycled.

It really is a great integration of brand message which has really won us over.

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