No matter whether it’s life or business, no matter who you ask, everyone at some point has been stressed. But it’s how you deal with the stress that can set you apart from everyone else. It can be difficult, we know, but we’re going to give you a rundown on how you can begin controlling your stress and begin using it to your advantage.

  1. Take a minute

When we’re stressed, it can feel like we’re completely out of control and we are unable to regain any sort of stability, but it’s absolutely critical that you take a mental and emotional time out. Sometimes we need a minute or two just to compose ourselves and calm the reactive nature of our mind so we understand that our lives aren’t out of control, it’s just the current situation we find ourselves in. You need to remind yourself that everything comes to a resolution eventually.

  1. Balance what you can

It’s imperative that you try and balance out as much of your life as possible when you find yourself in a difficult situation. This could be trying to get enough sleep, eating balanced meals, exercising and limiting alcohol or caffeine intake. Keeping on top of these areas can seriously improve your mental and physical state and overall make the stressful situation easier to tackle.

  1. Breathe

When stressed you subconsciously take shorter and shallower breaths which reduces the amount of oxygen your brain should be receiving for you to be thinking rationally and critically. What you need to do is force yourself to slow down and take deeper breaths so you’re allowing for your brain to make the correct decisions. If your stress levels are so severe you should force yourself to count to ten and count slowly. This will not only correct your breathing pattern but allow you to think more clearly and improve your decision-making process.

  1. Hard work

One of the best ways to keep yourself away from your stress is by keeping busy, but there’s a certain point when continuously working will exhaust you, so make sure you take adequate breaks. It can keep us active, focused and allow us time to search for solutions to overcome this stressful time. By working hard, you’re looking for solutions rather than gaining more problems.

  1. Stay positive

It’s incredibly easy for negative thoughts to enter your mind when under stress. You need to manage all the thoughts that travel through your mind so you can force yourself to be hopeful, positive and flexible. You must be open and flexible to find innovative solutions, staying rigid and fixed will limit the chances you have of finding the solutions.

  1. Seek advice

There are always people to help you. Stress can have such an impact on your life that it can completely shut down your thought process. One area you may want to consider is seeking outside advice. Someone somewhere has been in a similar stressful situation and they’ve found a way out. People want to help people, it’s part of our nature and sometimes you need to put your pride to the side and ask for help.