Judith Wright
Managing Director

Judith started WAM in 2001 and her passion and enthusiasm is what has enabled the company to grow and thrive! She heads up the team and keeps everyone fuelled and motivated to keep moving forward. There's many strings to my bow, find out more at JudithWright.co.uk

What are you reading?
Neurotribes by Steve Silberman

If you won a million pounds
I’d invest it and then work out what to spend the earnings on.

Slogan for life
If you are not living life on the edge, you are taking up too much space!

Tim Ingram
Head of Creative

Tim is very astute and possesses the natural ability to quickly capture the essence of any brief. He consistently creates commercially viable solutions with clever designs that keep our clients coming back for more. He relishes the daily challenge of creating fresh ideas to help our clients shine.

Favourite Place
Crummock Water, Lake District

Aspiring To Complete
Lakeland 50(miles) ultramarathon in sub 12hrs

Black Sambuca

Sarah Barthorpe
Marketing Executive

Sarah is our Marketing Executive. Sarah’s been with us for over three years and has proven she has an aptitude for both marketing and design with her role seeing her covering a wide range of marketing tasks, including being our go-to for all things social media. Sarah’s youthful, energetic approach keeps things exciting and helps us stay fresh and up to date with new trends.

If you won a million pounds
I would head straight to Japan and eat lots and lots of sushi.

Item you couldn’t live without
Not very original, but my phone.

Believe it or not
I can’t blow my nose…

Adam Stevens
Marketing and Digital Manager

Adam is our Marketing and Digital Manager. He’s very much a doer, striving to get jobs done, with efficiency as his middle name. His skills and knowledge of digital and marketing is outstanding, with experience in everything from PPC and SEO to video creation.

Drink of choice
Anything that’s cold.

Something that baffles you
Each pineapple takes 1.5-3 years to grow, but only 1.5-3 minutes to eat.

Believe it or not
I’m colourblind.

Simon Stevens
Digital Marketing Executive

Simon is our newest team member as a Digital Marketing Executive. He is fresh out of university with a degree in Sports Promotion & Marketing and brings a new outlook to the team. His roles cover all things digital, including link building and SEO.

If I won a million pounds
I would be going straight to Monaco to watch the Formula 1!

Drink of choice
Kraken rum with apple juice. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Greatest achievement
Many moons ago I used to run 200m for Yorkshire

Carole Broadbent
Office Manager

Carole is our Office Manager. Carole’s excellent organisational skills keep the office running smoothly. She loves the variety of her role from dealing with clients to sorting out finances. Probably her most challenging task is keeping Judith organised!

What are you reading?
The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel.

Favourite holiday destination
Rovinj, Croatia.

Greatest achievement
Helping my husband set up his own business which is still going strong after 15 years.

Carol Longbottom

Carol is a copywriter, freelance journalist, proofreader and academic researcher. She brings a wealth of experience to the team and a passion for learning, which is great as our clients are from a wide range of business sectors, from manufacturing to legal services.

What do you do in your spare time?
At the moment I’m completing my PhD in Peace Studies at the University of Bradford.

Guilty pleasure:
A pint of ‘Wobbly Bob’ from the Barge and Barrel.

Slogan for life:
You only live once; get on with it.


Dandi likes to keep the office neat and tidy, he can often be found collecting stray toys or cleaning the floor for us.

Slogan for life
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

If I won a million pounds
I’d hire someone to throw my ball all day.

Something that baffles you
People talking to me in a strange voice.


Daisy is our laziest and bossiest team member but can be caught offering her assistance between 4-5pm when it’s almost home time.

Believe it or not
I used to live on a beach.

Something that baffles you
Dogs that don’t want to play.

Item you couldn’t live without
My squeaky bone.