Judith Wright as The Motivator

Keeping the team in shape

Judith started WAM in 2001 and her passion and enthusiasm is what has enabled the company to grow and thrive! She heads up the team and keeps everyone fuelled and motivated to keep moving forward.

What are you reading?
Influence: The psychology of persuasion.

If you won a million pounds
I’d invest it and then work out what to spend the earnings on.

Slogan for life
If you are not living life on the edge, you are taking up too much space!

vcard vcard

Bob Wright as The Mathematician

Who needs a calculator when we have Bob!

Bob is our financial expert and makes sure everything adds up.
He’s a whiz with the accounts, with a wealth of financial sector knowledge – this, twinned with his wicked sense of humour and constant joke cracking, brings a perfect balance to the “Wright-side/Left-side” thinkers of the team.

Drink of choice

Favourite holiday destination
Las Vegas.

If you won a million pounds
I would retire and move to somewhere near water.

Becky Wright as The Super Glue

Keeping the WAM team together

Becky is our multi-tasking office manager. Her degree in Psychology provides the team with an insightful perspective on human behavior, something that, not all marketing agencies have. Becky keeps the whole team organised and up-to-date with the latest research which brings a deeper understanding of consumer and business needs.

Believe it or not
I have a Diploma in Graphology- so I can read you through your writing!

Favourite holiday destination
This year- Rome, absolutely stunning city!

Slogan for life
You can never be overdressed or overeducated - Oscar Wilde.

Tim Ingram as The Night Owl

Who needs sleep when you’re creating masterpieces

Tim brings a wealth of design and print experience to the team. His natural ability to capture the essence of our clients business needs enables him to consistently create clever original designs and brands with effective vibrant solutions that keep our clients coming back for more.

Guilty pleasure
Old Tom Ale with pork scratching’s.

Greatest Achievement
Reaching 40.

Slogan for life
You can’t get style from a book; you’ve either got it or you aint!

vcard vcard

Sarah Barthorpe as The Rookie

Keeping the WAM team young!

Sarah joined the team as a Marketing Assistant, however she quickly proved her aptitude for both design and marketing. Sarah has amazing creative flair and a fresh, youthful approach. She knows what the younger market wants and is quickly becoming an expert at Photoshop.

If you won a million pounds
I would head straight to Japan and eat lots and lots of sushi.

Item you couldn’t live without
Not very original, but my phone.

Believe it or not
I can’t blow my nose…

Adam Stevens as The Social Media Guru

Helping us all know our Hoots from our Tweets

Adam joined us as our Social Media Executive however, has proven that social media is only a small part of what he can bring to the team! Managing everything from Social Media to PPC, Adam has already given us so many hints and tips to help us grow and develop our skills. We can’t wait to see what other hidden talents he has to show us!

Drink of choice
Anything that’s cold.

Something that baffles you
Each pineapple takes 1.5-3 years to grow, but only 1.5-3 minutes to eat.

Believe it or not
I’m colourblind.

Carol Longbottom as The Wordsmith

Keeping our copy interesting

Carol is a copywriter, freelance journalist, proofreader and academic researcher. She brings a wealth of experience to the team and a passion for learning, which is great as our clients are from a wide range of business sectors, from manufacturing to legal services.

What do you do in your spare time?
At the moment I’m completing my PhD in Peace Studies at the University of Bradford.

Guilty pleasure:
A pint of ‘Wobbly Bob’ from the Barge and Barrel.

Slogan for life:
You only live once; get on with it.

Simeon Yianni as The Connector

Connecting us with other businesses

Simeon is a marketer at his core, whether that’s as an event marketer, digital marketer or general marketer. At WAM Simeon is the outreach expert connecting us with other businesses and websites alike.

Drink of choice
Oakheart Spiced Rum, Coke and Fresh Lime.

Slogan for life
No good story ever started with someone ordering a salad.

Greatest achievement
All of eBay buyer and seller feedback, ever.

Carole Broadbent as The Organiser

Making sure we're a coordinated team

Whether it's invoicing, making travel arrangements, or setting up meetings, Carole is here to keep us organised and make sure we get from A to B in relatively good shape!

What are you reading?
The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel.

Favourite holiday destination
Rovinj, Croatia.

Greatest achievement
Helping my husband set up his own business which is still going strong after 15 years.

Ria as The Relaxer

Keeping the WAM team calm and de-stressed

Ria is our smallest and softest team member, she is fluffy and affectionate and often offers cuddles, keeping everyone relaxed on those ever so slightly stressful days.

Drink of choice
Goats milk.

Guilty Pleasure
Sleeping during the day.

Greatest Achievement
Coming 1st in my race.

Dandi as The Cleaner

Who needs a hoover when you have a dog to do the job

Dandi likes to keep the office neat and tidy, he can often be found collecting stray toys or cleaning the floor for us.

Slogan for life
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

If I won a million pounds
I’d hire someone to throw my ball all day.

Something that baffles you
People talking to me in a strange voice.

Daisy as The Boss

Keeping unruly team members in tow

Daisy is our laziest and bossiest team member, but can be caught offering her assistance between 4-5pm when it’s almost home time.

Believe it or not
I used to live on a beach.

Something that baffles you
Dogs that don’t want to play.

Item you couldn’t live without
My squeaky bone.