We’re back! It’s that time here at WAM where we scour the web to present to you our ad of the month. We’ve struggled slightly this month to find an ad that is up to our usual standards but fortunately, we’ve found our diamond in the rough – our ad of the month for March…Continue Reading


There are numerous ways to help improve your websites SEO, this could be through blogs, building links, keyword optimisation etc. But did you know that Google and Twitter have a very stable partnership which allows Google to have access to the Twitter stream which incidentally allows index tweets into its search results, which is why…Continue Reading


Regardless of the path you take in life, your habits will dictate your success as they can assist you on achieving your goals. It’s important that you focus on gaining and maintaining your good habits and bad habits you may have, as these kind of habits are the ones that will lead you away from…Continue Reading


As we’re still in the beginning quarter of a new year, your business still has areas from the previous year it wants to improve on, which can mean that you may need to change or form new habits for your business and yourself. As an entrepreneur, you’re expected to go above and beyond of a…Continue Reading


It’s that time again here at WAM, where we present to you our ad of the month! We’ve been spoilt for choice this month thanks to the American Super Bowl airing earlier this month but after careful consideration, we finally chose our favourite. Each company spends millions to ensure that their ad secures its place…Continue Reading

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