This month we have welcomed Simon Stevens to the team on a Digital Internship. We are super excited to have him with us, and wanted to give you the chance to get to know him a little better! Q&A Random fact about yourself I can drink a pint of water in less than 8 seconds…Continue Reading


When you speak, present or just talk in front of a crowd it can be a very harrowing experience. Some people relish the opportunity, where others absolutely detest it. There’s a reason why some people can easily speak in front of thousands of people whereas others can’t even speak in front of ten, and it…Continue Reading


When leading a small business, you’ll notice it’s completely different from working on your own. The budget’s bigger, the problems are harsher and the number of people involved increases depending on your growth. You can no longer rely on just your wit and wherewithal, now you must rely on other individuals’ too. How can your…Continue Reading


AdWords and CPC (cost per click) isn’t another language or practice that only the top marketers and businesses can understand. However, if you get it wrong it can cost thousands. You don’t need AdWords in your business, but it can (and will) drive customers to your product or service if used correctly. To put it…Continue Reading


Game of Thrones is the hot topic of the week as Season 7 started on Monday 17th July. Don’t worry, we won’t be posting any spoilers for those who haven’t seen it. What we have noticed at WAM however, is just how well-chosen some of the words used in Game of Thrones are and what…Continue Reading

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