If you want to start your 2018 off with a step towards some of the best years for your business, then this event is for you. Nicky Pattinson, a legendary sales and motivational speaker, and Judith Wright, owner of Wright Angle Marketing who possesses over 20 years of marketing expertise, are hosting a one-day event…Continue Reading


No matter how successful your business is or may become, you will always make mistakes, with most normally occurring in the early stages of the business. Every successful person and business has made mistakes previously but instead of them doing nothing about it, they’ve accepted what they did was wrong, learnt from the experience and…Continue Reading


We’re back again but this time it’s not just any normal adverts, it’s that time of year that brings out some of the best (and arguably some of the worst) adverts around… CHRISTMAS! What better time to dedicate our ad of the month to one of these glorious ads. Whilst some people say John Lewis…Continue Reading


You’re always learning how to take the right path towards success and others are always teaching us, we all have resilience even if we don’t know it yet. Here are some great ways to improve your resilience and overcome the things that fear you the most in business. Tell a new story In order to…Continue Reading


If you want to become a master at productivity, you need to be focused, determined and dedicated. If you acquire all of these traits then even the most difficult task will become manageable. Enhancing your productivity is such a simple way to improve your overall performance, if you’re willing to prepare, a little effort can…Continue Reading

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