Mind & Body

Over ten years ago, Judith (WAM MD) gave a talk at a Business Link meeting and Sue Bennett happened to be present at that meeting. (That’s before Mind & Body had actually come into fruition).

Later down the line when they met again at one of our Not-Working events, Sue explained that she had never forgotten that talk, and then Sue expressed interested in working together with Judith to promote her new health centre.

With that in mind, we paid the centre a visit to get a real feel for the buisiness and assess what the best approach would be to promote it. We soon realised that the existing branding did not represent the true essence of Mind & Body effectively nor did it encapsulate what it was all about, it was quite confusing. Sue had created a beautiful and serene health centre that had truly amazing vibes and a calming effect from the minute you walked through the door.

However, the logo and brand in place were harsh, bold, and clinical and gave out all the wrong messages and in some instances had actually put people off working with her. This changed our focus completely and decided that Mind & Body required a re-brand that would truly represent their ethos.

Once the new logo had been created, we proceeded to design the signage, information leaflets, stationery and website (including copy writing the content to reflect the new brand voice). We also set up and managed the social media accounts, creating all the content and posting regular blogs.

Before long, we had established a large social media following with relevant potential customers, all of who were engaged in hearing all about the fantastic work that Mind & Body were doing within the Calderdale area.

We had great fun working with Mind & Body and look forward to seeing what the future brings for them!

“Having worked with the WAM team for over 12 months now, we have always found them professional, accessible and responsive to our needs.  They were very aware from the start of how different our business is, and worked very hard in achieving a brand that suits us perfectly. Long may our relationship continue!”
Sue Bennett, Founder & Owner Mind & Body


Mind & Body brand