Pure Legal

We increased Twitter following by 3,433 and the Pure Legal Costs brand was seen 421,900 times on Twitter

At the very essence of the WAM team, we are driven by helping people to define their vision and work with them to turn that vision into reality.

Recently we’ve been working with Phil Hodgkinson, CEO of Pure Legal Limited. For nearly a decade, Phil and our Head of Creative, Tim Ingram have collaborated on numerous design and marketing projects and the connection doesn’t end there, as they actually went to the same school! On this occasion, the brief was actually quite complex and required some serious joined-up thinking!

At the heart of the brand was a core business with multiple facets, providing a huge array of branded products and services to the legal industry as a whole, both directly and through the company’s many business partners and affiliates. The core brand needed to be interchangeable with all the products and services they provided, whilst remaining undiluted and delivering the strong overarching vision. This would be a game changer and the brand needed to reflect this.

WAM were commissioned from day one to help pick the perfect name for the core business, followed by the creation of a strong identity that would work in any situation, on any level, whether it be online or offline. Alongside the brand creation, WAM also prepared the company for launch into the market place, creating momentum with press releases, targeted e-shots and social media campaigns to hit the ground running.

With a vibrant exhibition stand, stylish giveaways, a professional brochure and marketing material, tongues were beginning to wag and PURE LEGAL were being noticed. In what is a traditionally dull market place, they certainly stood out from their competitors and with a savvy website, and branded internal office wall graphics… stage one of their journey was complete!

We are so proud of the results so far and look forward to continuing to work closely with PURE LEGAL in the future!

But don’t just take our word for it…

“The bottom line is… ‘YOU GET IT’ you know what I want and how I work, you understand the market, the demographic and where we want to go with the brand over the next 5 years, and you ‘ALWAYS DELIVER’.

As you know, this is just the start, and over the next 3 years we will develop 18 more brands.

I have no doubt that we will achieve everything discussed at our initial brief meetings, in fact, we are already ‘EXCEEDING’ on every front. Thanks for turning my vision of a brand into reality, and creating a brand that the market will never forget.”
Phil Hodgkinson CEO, Pure Legal Limited