Bee Aware

Bee Aware was originally created with shopping centers in mind, helping them reach their CSR objectives whilst engaging employees in the process. As a result of the success Bee Aware had with centers such as Rochdale Exchange, we decided to develop an online resource for primary schools. It has been designed create a buzz, motivate and include pupils, teachers and parents in achieving the sustainable schools agenda by 2020 for schools across the country all whilst reaching those all-important national curriculum objectives.

Bee Aware is a 10 times award winning initiative that helps businesses and schools drive the green agenda. Bee Aware has a proven history of amazing results offering an incredible return on investment in terms of PR and connecting with your community.

Bee Aware is fronted by our good friend Bobby Bee who can be added to all your promotional materials, classroom activities etc. to show you are part of the Bee Aware initiative and striving towards making the world a greener place.

If you are not sold yet click on the links on the right to see the results Bee Aware has generated. You can also check out the Bee Aware website here.


  • A reduction in waste to landfill by 68%
  • £25,000 saved on electricity over the last year
  • Recycling rebate increased by 21.7% in 2009
  • Over £188,000 PR coverage was achieved as a result of the ‘Bee Aware’ campaign: an increase of 293% on the previous year
  • Environmental roadshows delivering messages to over 50,000 people

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