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5 Important Things You Need To Do If You Do Email Marketing

Email marketing can be complex and you could find yourself asking why your open rates aren’t as good as they used to be. This blog will highlight what you can do to increase your open rates and a few things you need to be doing if you do any sort of email marketing.

Segment your lists

If you have an email list that’s over 100 people in size, you should look at segmenting it down to make sure you’re sending the right kind of email to the right people. If you send out an email that only targets half of your audience, you’re risking the other half unsubscribing or marking the email as spam.

Plan each email

Make sure the email you’re sending out has a purpose, do you want the recipient to redeem a promotional code, purchase something on your website or watch a video? Define a goal and then you can easily define if that email was successful or not. Include different ways to achieve this goal, include call to action buttons, link text, and link images. Everyone interacts differently with emails so make sure it is as easy as possible to achieve the goal you want the user to achieve.

Test which day is best to send emails on

Everyone thinks Tuesday is a great day to send an email on, in some sense this is true, people’s inboxes aren’t clogged up from the weekend, people are in the office, and people aren’t distracted by the weekend. But, since everyone thinks Tuesday is a great day to send an email on, they send their emails on Tuesday. Experiment with sending your emails on different days, you might find that Friday is the best day to send your emails on because you don’t have as much competition as you would on a Tuesday. Everyone also owns a smartphone nowadays and the term ‘always on’ is getting more popular, so don’t be afraid of sending emails on the weekend.

Analyse your open rate

You should be consistently checking your open rate to see if you’re improving your open rate or if it’s falling. If it is falling you need to figure out why. If your open rate drops you will see a rise in emails being tagged as spam and users unsubscribing. Test different kinds of emails to improve open rates. Try sending links to content, to products, or updates on what’s going on.

Write good subject lines

This will significantly affect your open rates. You need to consistently test different approaches to see what works with your audience. Don’t use clickbait subject lines as this will increase your unsubscribe rate as users who open the email will be instantly disappointed if it didn’t deliver what you promised in your subject line. Try personalising email subject lines or experiment with emojis. Read your subject line out loud before sending and ask yourself if you would open that email if you received it.

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