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Six Simple Content Marketing Hacks to Enhance Your Lead Generation

If lead marketing is the key area that drives your business, then content marketing is the fuel needed to ignite it. Content marketing has been made easier than ever to implement lead generation strategies and help convert the leads into happy customers.

Whilst you may understand the basics of content marketing for lead generation, there are a few simple hacks that can help double your results and generate a staggering number of leads.

  1. Write content that goes deep

Let’s start off nice and easy with the simplest hack. For SEO and branding purposes, long form content works best. By writing longer and more in-depth content for your audience indicates you are providing them with more value and sharing a more detailed message, plus google loves it

Most marketing experts agree that the average length of an article should be around 2,400 words, so if you plan on using your blogs to generate leads, increasing the length of the content is a good place to start.

But don’t use this as an opportunity to create redundant copy that makes the readers question why they’ve clicked on this article. Each piece of content must provide value for the customers to ensure it’s used to the full effect.

  1. Have content upgrades for your lead magnets

Have you ever been surfing a website on the latest technological advancements and you are suddenly hit with a pop-up promoting a lead magnet on health and fitness?

I didn’t think so.

This is quite an extreme example, but it’s obvious that your lead magnets need to be related to the content your viewers are reading.

These are referred to as content upgrades. These upgrades are supposed to post lead magnets that will enhance the users experience in exchange for some contact details.

But lead magnets aren’t about creating random checklists. You need to post content upgrades that are around what the audience truly wants.

If you want a quick boost in leads generated, then use your most popular articles to promote these lead magnets.

  1. Links to webinars directly within content

Webinars are seen as one of the best options when improving lead generation and marketing tactics. But they mean very little if you’re not promoting them correctly.

One of the first steps you will need to take is to ensure that the links to the webinars are located in the main body of your articles, emails, and subtext of your videos.

It might seem relatively simple, but if executed correctly it can have a massive impact on how many leads you generate.

  1. Use multi-touch content marketing campaigns

The generation of leads is good, but then converting them to trust your brand and make a purchase can be miles away. This is where multi-touch content can work its magic.

You may need to focus on creating a campaign that lets you integrate with your leads on a recurring basis until you have built up enough of a reputation to streamline the process.

  1. Include tweetable quotes in the body of your articles

A superb way to expand your Twitter followers is by merging tweetable quotes into the body of your articles.

A simple hack is to download a plug-in or service like Click to Tweet. It can help with growth both on social media and lead generation.

  1. Include share buttons in your emails and web page

This can merge with the first hack mentioned. If readers are enjoying your longer content, then providing them with a share option could improve leads.

Just ensure that you make this process as seamless as possible. Provide share buttons in emails and at the end of every piece of content you write. This simplifies the sharing process and increases the odds of generating hype around your brand and content.


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