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Ad of the Month: September – Apple iPhone X

A new month means a new batch of ads, and it’s our job to bring you the ad of the month. After an exhausting (but interesting!) amount of research, we’re pleased to announce that our ad of the month is for the brand-new iPhone X.

Apple is celebrating 10 years since the first iPhone was launched with a very special product. This new iPhone will easily appeal towards the massive following Apple already have, with its boastful array of new technology and features.


The video for the product is below:

As you can see from the ad, Apple wants to present this as a clean, slim and chic new product, whilst showing off some of its new features such as a wireless charging pad, easy-to-use display and what could be considered its biggest addition, facial recognition software. Even though the new features may be mentioned for a split second, it engages with the watcher in a positive light backed up with the bright colours, fast pacing, and positive music.

The advert consists of bright, positive colours to ensure that the watcher is in a positive mood when viewing this advert.

However, whilst it may be an impressive advert, there are a few things we’d change. For example, when describing the camera functions, this clip is only shown for a second, and there’s too much information for the viewer to analyse in such a small timeframe. Also, when it shows the facial recognition, it implies that a bright light is used to identify your features.

The iPhone X is due to release on the 3rd November.

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