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How to De-Stress – Becky After WAM

It has been two months since Becky spread her wings and flew the nest and we thought it would be really nice to let you know what she has been up to!

Alongside her private META-Health clients, Becky has set up a Meditation Group. While she was still here, Becky was always stressing the importance of us all taking time our for ourselves to work on ourselves and to enjoy some deep relaxation. She was adamant that this would ensure not only a healthy mind and body, but a healthier more flourishing business and work life as well.

Three members of the WAM team have attended some of Becky’s Meditation sessions, and we have to admit that we are sold! We are all feeling more calm and relaxed, we are sleeping better, we have more energy, we feel more balanced and less anxious, we’re making better, clearer decisions AND it feels wonderful to have two hours in the week that are all ours with no distractions or interruptions.

Becky’s group Meditation sessions are small and intimate with no more than eight people in each session which means that the group feels personal and very supportive.

We feel so proud and excited about the amazing work that Becky is doing and can’t wait to watch as she continues to spread her Meditation and bring peace, harmony and tranquillity to even more lives.

If you think you could benefit from some Meditation in your life please see all the info below:

When: Monday’s 6pm-8pm

Where: The Mind and Body Health Centre, 3 St John’s Lane, Halifax HX1 2JD

How Much: £15 per session or £120 for a block of 10 (£30 saving)

To find out a little bit more or to book on to one of the sessions, please contact Becky, we
are sure she would love to hear from you!



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