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How Using Twitter Correctly Can Increase Search Rankings

There are numerous ways to help improve your websites SEO, this could be through blogs, building links, keyword optimisation etc. But did you know that Google and Twitter have a very stable partnership which allows Google to have access to the Twitter stream which incidentally allows index tweets into its search results, which is why Twitter is becoming a key role for businesses when it comes to search engine optimisation.

Now that Twitter influences your websites’ search rank, below we have three ways to help enhance your business’ Twitter page which will increase the impact it has on the search engine ranking.

  1. Share blogs automatically

Now that Twitter has 330 million active users, you have a golden opportunity to reach a massive audience through your business’ Twitter account. Whilst you’re interacting, you can also appeal to Google and let them know you have an increasingly active website with rich content by constantly tweeting appropriate links to your website.

Whilst it is a great benefit, it can be difficult in your busy schedule to find the time to tweet about your website throughout the day, but thankfully there are numerous automated tools out there that make it a piece of cake.

  1. Re-share evergreen content

If you’re tweeting about your blogs once, it’s not enough to generate any sort of social signal towards your website or even to let them alert Google to know that the links are reliable and worth ranking within the top results. You need to ensure that you are consistently sharing content for your blog posts and pages.

Don’t worry though, it might sound like more work but you don’t need to break the bank and hire a social media manager; you can simply schedule the tweets to be published every day throughout the month or use an automated tool again.

However, there’s a fine line between spamming your followers and providing consistent, informative links. It’s okay to send the same tweet more than once, just as long as it’s not within the same day.

  1. Leverage Twitter handle and profile bio

You’d be surprised the impact your profile bio and Twitter handle can have on improving your websites SEO. People who are interested in a particular business often search for their social media accounts through Google (e.g. Nike Twitter). What Google does is use the brand name as the keyword and search Twitter to then produce a list of accounts on Twitter that have a similar handle. You must ensure that your business handle is related to your company.

By properly optimising your profile bio it again will assist with increasing your rank on Google. What you must do is provide a summary of your business with the right keywords and hashtags to ensure that your account is easy to discover.

More shares means more exposure and awareness when it comes to Twitter, which can only improve your websites SEO. Keep sharing your website and blog links on Twitter consistently to ensure that you are achieving the best results possible.

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