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Why You Should Get Sufficient Sleep

For a number of years, the huge majority of us struggle to get the sleep that’s needed for us to function at work correctly. Not getting enough of this can seriously begin having an impact on your weight, skin and even your work.

What we’ll be showing you are five signs that you’re not getting enough sleep.

  1. Arguments are more common

Being sleep deprived can hugely impact your mood in a negative way, making you more prone to depression and increased sensitivity, meaning you could snap at things that you previously wouldn’t have. Not only that, but you very rarely respond with politeness or think before you talk which could get you in to trouble.

  1. People ask for clarification and question decisions frequently

A lack of sleep can seriously have an impact on your brain’s ability to process information and focus, which can affect any judgment calls you make. If you’re at the point where the decisions you make are beginning to get questioned more and more, then you may need to consider resting.

  1. Your coordination is lacking

You’d be surprised how much concentration you need to have great coordination. The brain has to determine a multitude of decisions in milliseconds, because when you’re sleepy, your brain can really struggle to keep up with these demands and you may become a bit clumsier or struggle to keep attention.

  1. Material just isn’t going in

We know how you feel, sometimes no matter how hard you try, something just won’t sit in your brain and stay there. Again, being sleep deprived can really impact remembering information to the point where you may ask someone to repeat themselves more than once, simply due to being fatigued.

  1. Overspending to do less

You’ll have a lot lower impulse threshold when tired, which means it’s a lot easier for you to overspend. But what happens when you’re tired usually is you can never be bothered to actually do anything, which can result in you spending unnecessary amounts of money getting someone to do the job for you.

  1. Good opportunities come and go

If you are physically limited, then the one moment that someone may ask you to take on another responsibility, you recoil back into your shell. This could be the chance of a lifetime, but because you’re comfortable with what you’re doing, you convince yourself that taking anymore work on would unsettle the apple cart.

Overall, don’t deprive yourself of sleep or activities. Remember that you do have a life outside of your business and they’re both equally as important as each other. Sleeping for the right amount of time and letting your brain and body switch off can turn you back into that performing person you were just as you were starting up.

So, do yourself a favour and get some sleep!

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