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Ad Of The Month July: Highlight the Remarkable

Another exciting month has come along and we’re ecstatic to present you this month’s ad of the month for July.

This month’s ad of the month is Highlight the Remarkable by the German stationary giants Stabilo Boss, whose pens have been scattered around your homes and offices since 1855.

In this advert, you are introduced to ‘remarkable’ women from historic photos. These women are hidden in the background of these old, poor quality snapshots of time, but are made to be seen and stand out by being highlighted like a key word in an important document.

They are highlighted to be remembered.

Stabilo Lise Stabilo Katherine Stabilo Edith

The adverts contain women of significance such as Katherine Johnson, Edith Wilson, and Lise Meitner whose actions and successes were either downplayed or never mentioned. Edith took over her husband’s presidential responsibilities after his stroke, Lise discovered nuclear fission however her male partner was awarded the Noble Prize, and Katherine was a NASA mathematician who was responsible for the precise calculations prompting Apollo 11’s safe to Earth return.

Stabilo is highlighting often missed features, bringing these truly great women to the forefront in this advert. Creating a perfect message throughout the advert to match their product and highlight what their product does whilst introducing some social commentary.

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