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Truck Norris

Ad of the month August: Let’s Go Places: Tough as Chuck | Toyota

It’s that time of the month again where we present to you what our ad of the month for August.

It’s been a tough choice this month with plenty of ads showing their strength, but the one that stood out for us and is our choice this month is the Tough as Chuck ad by Toyota.

It’s a clever spin on how Chuck Norris is renowned for been the best at everything, so much so there’s a huge collection of jokes suggesting this, but now instead of him, Toyota have replaced him as the face of Toyota with the new truck named ‘Truck Norris’.

We thought it was a great way to present a new range of products in a very unique way.


As you can see from the video, this new ‘hero’ no matter the situation, whether it’s been the best at chess or saving someone stuck, this truck is able to do anything!

It’s a great way to show off their new product in a humorous way whilst making sure viewers stay engaged through the whole ad, which is exactly why it managed to win us over.

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