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Eight Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

It can happen to the best of us and there comes a point when you’ve been constantly writing pieces of content that you burn yourself out or you’ll get writer’s block. This could be because you’re too distracted, you fear what others will think of your piece, it might just be the best time for you to write something.

In this blog we’ll be showing you different ways to nullify your writer’s block and get back to writing creative and engaging content.

  1. Use a content strategy

Before any writing even hits the page, you have to make sure that you have a strategy in place. When you’re blogging for a business you have to consider the persona, the goals and the metrics to drive towards.

The more you’re able to plan your content, the easier it’ll be to chose a topic and run with it whilst your writer’s block is nowhere to be seen.

  1. Use infographics

We should all be familiar with infographics, those fancy, quick-to-read art pieces with little bits of information that keeps out attention. The reason why we all love infographics is due to the fact that according to Quick Sprout, our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words and 65% of people are visual learners.

You should try and create an infographic and customise it towards your target audience so they’re able to have a new perspective on the information.

Remember the keep it simple and stay original.

  1. Customer questions are your friends

If you’re unsure on what to cover for a blog post, remember that you have a huge pool of topics available on your social media channels, FAQ page and various other areas where you’re able to communicate with your customers.

If you find that your customers are asking similar questions, then you can try to turn it into a blog.

This would mean that the questions that your customers are frequently asking are answered in one simple post, which will increase the engagement rate.

  1. Listen to a podcast

If your writer’s block has made an unfortunate appearance, then try listening to a podcast for some inspiration.

Try and start with those that are in your industry and work your way out. You should try and take note of the tone of voice, speed of content, delivery and language used and identify whether it will be beneficial to use them when writing a blog. You shouldn’t just mimic the content you’ve heard, but instead write your own thoughts.

  1. Try some free-writing

Instead of sitting yourself down and writing cold-turkey for hours, try building up to it by spending at least five minutes a day writing whatever comes of the top of your head. It doesn’t have to be polished or have the correct grammar.

By doing this, not only is it stress-free, but it allows your brain to work without expectations, which allows you to tap into your creative side faster.

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