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Ad Of The Month November: Twitter UK #NotARetailStore

We’re back again and it’s the time of the year where some of the best adverts you’ll see all year-round start cropping up, the Christmas ads.

And no, unfortunately the John Lewis ad hasn’t won our ad of the month, this year we’d like to stay away from the curve and look for ads that are a bit different.

So far this month, there have been some great Christmas ads that are ‘taking the mic’ out of the new John Lewis advert and just in general, there seems to be a real trend around this sort of marketing this year, look at Wendy’s and Moonpie. Our ad of the month for November is the Twitter Christmas ad featuring John Lewis himself.

John is an avid Twitter user whose Twitter handle is @JohnLewis (I think you can see where we’re going with this) and throughout out the year he constantly receives messages of complaints, enquiries, photos of products etc that should be sent to the retail company John Lewis, but around Christmas is when he’s especially bombarded!

In the UK especially, people associate the John Lewis Christmas ad with “Christmas is just around the corner” and an advert that pulls at your heartstrings, but what Twitter has done is use this to their advantage and created a comical ad which features the individual, John Lewis, answering all of the Christmas questions customers of the retail company John Lewis have mentioned him in. This showcases the light-hearted fun you can have with Twitter.

It really is a great ad, you can watch it below.


As you can see from the ad, Twitter has managed to turn what some people consider to be an emotional ad and put a humorous spin on it to create their version of the John Lewis ad. It’s such a simple ad that Twitter has produced which was actually filmed in John’s house!

Great job from both Twitter and John for such a unique advert.

If you want a bit of a chuckle, we definitely recommend visiting his Twitter page as well @JohnLewis.

If you have any Ad of the Month contenders, use the hashtag ‘#AOTM’ and tweet it to @theWAMteam.


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