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How To Use Marketing Correctly On Mobile

The mobile marketing is a constantly expanding platform and is becoming an area that most businesses have to dive into if they want to survive. As a business you want to be on the lookout for different ways to tailor your efforts to ensure that they’re appealing towards the right audience on mobile.

You have to adapt to this platform otherwise you’ll be left in the dust by your competitors; over half of the overall time spent surfing the web is through a mobile device. So, if you completely ignore that, then you’re missing a huge chunk of potential customers.

Mobile marketing is a critical channel for your business, you want to be able to drive sales whilst maintaining your brand visibility and loyalty! But what the main issue is, is that people don’t know how to optimise their mobile marketing campaigns because it’s not always that obvious. You need to know what options are available and how to implement them well and we’ll show you exactly how to do so in this blog.

Gameify your approach

Although consumers are becoming less and less impressed with gimmicky gamification, if you’re able to engage them through something that’s legitimately fun and mentally stimulating it’s still an incredibly powerful technique that keeps your brand well within your audience’s minds. Just make sure you’re giving value when doing this, don’t overcomplicate something that doesn’t need to be.

Remember, mobiles are incredibly well integrated with online social networks, which means that gamification can enable family and friends to act as brand advocates by bringing new people into the games.

Innovation and creativity are crucial for good gamification, but there are some basic principles that you should always bare-in-mind. A system of rewards is important because people like to know they’re making progress in the game and everyone loves receiving an award when they’ve completed something. A badge and points system, whilst not the most appreciated system can still be valuable additions if used skillfully.

Playing well with Google and the robots

All of your digital marketing efforts should be adapted for mobile use, including your website, email, newsletter and any other channels. You want to make your customers mobile engagement with any of your business’ channels as seamless and easy as possible, otherwise, why are they going to stick around when someone else does it much better.

This is imperative now that Google is indexing based on mobile sites rather than desktop sites, an approach called “mobile-first indexing”.

If you’re not considering using any type of AI in your marketing efforts, then you should be. In a recent report by Demandbase, they found that 80 per cent of marketing executives believed that AI would help revolutionise the marketing environment in the next two years.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because AI is especially good at sieving through data and finding patterns that can help with your marketing efforts. You don’t want to go down the wrong path, only to find that you could have easily avoided it through some simple analysis.

Build the infrastructure you need

In order to make your mobile marketing dream, you have to have the right infrastructure in place. You need to understand the importance of speed. For example, when your website is loading you want the load time to be as short as possible otherwise people will just click off it, meaning your bounce rate will increase dramatically.

Having a solid infrastructure in place will provide your customers with the best experience possible, which will encourage them to return.

When you have these different strategies in place, you should let the devices and the culture of sharing on mobile do the rest of the work. Mobile devices are no joke, they need to be taken seriously by businesses because technology is constantly advancing, meaning that these platforms will provide them with a more secure and faster experience. You need foundations in place so you’re able to keep up with the ever-changing environment.

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