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Ad of the month December: KFC Christmas Ad

Tis the season to be jolly! Welcome back to our ad of the month and you already know what type of adverts we’re going to be looking at this month, Christmas ads! We know we’ve already done a Christmas ad for our November ad of the month, but how can we not do one in December, it’d just feel wrong.

Now there’s an absolute ocean of different Christmas ads, so we’ve had to narrow it down to a select few otherwise we’d be here all day. But finally, after going though our select few, we came to a decision and our ad of the month for December is the KFC Christmas ad.

Who’d have thought with all of the Christmas ads out there, KFC would come along and knock it out of the park by creating a fantastic ad.

What the ad is about is a chicken traversing across the wintery landscape only to come across a turkey and then a stand-off erupts with the chicken eventually winning and the turkey running off. The advert then ends with the phrase “turkey comes and goes, but chicken is here to stay.” It is actually quite a humorous ad and well worth the watch.

You can watch it below.


As you can see from the ad, they’ve managed to hit the funny side of Christmas ads really well. Who’d have thought that a chicken would be able to steal the show from a turkey at Christmas? The whole structure of the ad is superb and KFC deserve the credit they get from this ad because it really is different and it shot like an actual short film rather than an advert.

KFC have understood that the hype around Christmas ads is similar to the hype around Superbowl ads. People will watch these adverts on YouTube off their own back, and they will have a favourite. Christmas adverts regularly get millions of views on YouTube with Sainsbury’s 2014 advert currently on 20 million views, John Lewis’ 2015 advert on 30 million views and M&S’ 2017 advert on 6.9 million views. These short films are not just an advert, they’re entertainment.

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