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How You Can Stick To Your New year Resolutions

New year new me. Isn’t that what everyone says every year? As we come up to the new year a lot of people will be setting New Year’s resolutions for 2019 that they’re hoping to stick to throughout the year, when realistically a month or two down the line they’ve already forgotten about it.

It won’t be surprising to hear that only 8% of people actually manage to stick to their New Year’s resolutions throughout the year, which is why we’re going to show you the tips and tricks you need to be part of this small margin!

Start small

There’s no point setting yourself a goal that’s so far out of reach that you were never going to reach it, because that already puts you at a disadvantage and you’re much more likely to give up. You should try and break your ultimate goal into smaller, bite-sized chunks so you’re able to tackle each smaller goal on a weekly basis and eventually reach your desired goal!

Be accountable for your resolutions

If you keep it to yourself then it’s only you who knows if you’re sticking to it or not, you have to ensure that you keep yourself in check and hold yourself accountable if you veer off course! It’s not going to be easy so you need to ready yourself and ensure that you can steer yourself back on course if you do slip up.

Write them down

Studies have suggested that writing down our goals increase the odds of us actually achieving them. So, put your pen to paper to help hold yourself accountable. You need to make sure that your resolutions are attainable and measurable, so set realistic expectations and ensure that you create a clear path or plan to support them.

Don’t beat yourself up

You can’t be perfect, so don’t try to be. Minor missteps are bound to happen when you’re pursuing your resolutions so if one occurs, don’t give up completely! Instead, you should ask yourself what you’d do differently next time. It’s all about learning, you’re not going to nail your resolutions right from the off for a full year, it will take time and slip-ups will occur, but the difference between those who fail and succeed is how you pick yourself up and carry on.

Take daily action

Each day you should always try and add towards your resolutions. Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, stop smoking, drinking etc. you should use each day as a stepping stone to help you eventually reach that overall goal you’re aiming towards. Sure, there will be some days when you can’t do anything, which is completely fine, but don’t let it throw you off course! You won’t hit your resolutions overnight, it’s a long process that requires you to be disciplined.

You can do it! You need to remember that it’s not going to be easy sticking to them, that’s why so many people give up, but these tips are here to help you stick to your resolutions and make 2019 your year!

From everyone here at WAM, we hope you have an amazing 2019!

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