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Last Minute Christmas Marketing You Should Implement

It’s starting to get to the middle of December which makes you think that most people should have their Christmas present all sorted by now, right? Of course not! It turns out, that around 40% of shoppers do the majority of their Christmas shopping in December, so there’s still time to try and take advantage of this and increase your pre-Christmas sales.

With everyone rushing around and browsing for the perfect presents, it means that ecommerce traffic is considerably strong right now, but shoppers do tend to stop buying around a week before Christmas which is most likely due to the fear of the product not arriving on time. But thanks to the ease and convenience of online shopping and some clever reassurance that the product will arrive before Christmas, it’s certainly an area you can take advantage of.

Run seasonal PPC campaigns

If there’s a type of Google search that peaks every December, it’s any version of ‘gift’ or ‘gift ideas’ for men, women, co-workers, friends, pets, book lovers – literally anyone you can think of!

You can look at any of these trends and you’ll see that the searches begin to grow around mid-November and hit their peak around halfway through December.

As you can see from the graph, over a five year period, the term ‘gift ideas for men’ doesn’t have a lot of interest through the rest of the year, but as soon as November and December hits, it begins to climb.

There is an issue though, which is if you haven’t created content that ranks for such terms, then it might be a little late to try and get it ranked now. However, you can still acton these highly purchase-driven searches by creating a dedicated landing page or category and driving traffic to it.

To reach these potential customers, instead of waiting to try and get your page ranked, you can instead run PPC ads to target these specific searches.

Create hyper-specific remarketing campaigns

This is another great PPC tactic. There’s always a time and place to run broad targeting campaigns to help you gain brand awareness and overall reach, but the run up to Christmas isn’t one of those times. This particular time of year is when you need to get extra focused on people who have interacted with your business in the past.

These people could be:

People who have

  • Visited a specific category or page, but never purchased
  • Abandoned full shopping carts of products
  • Purchased from you multiple times in the past
  • Interacted with your emails and social media pages frequently

You can use different remarketing campaigns to reach out to these people again and encourage them to make a purchase. Because you don’t already have to begin building the foundations of a relationship, there’s more chance of the people mentioned above converting

Announce a cut-off day for delivery in time for Christmas

Since we’re getting closer and closer to Christmas day, one of the most frequently asked questions from shoppers is “when is the last day to order and still receive my product in time?”

If you don’t provide this simple information, then they’ll move to a competitor who does. But, you can turn this piece of valuable information into a campaign on any of your preferred marketing channels after you set a foundation.

Once you’ve identified what the cut-off date is, then what you can do is create a dedicated page for Christmas deliveries. Don’t just provide a page with very little information either, you want to provide the details of shipping options and how they affect delivery times for specific locations.

Think of it like this, when someone visits this page, they’ll have no doubt around how long they have to make a purchase for their specific location and selection of products.

Not only that, but announce your cut-off date via email. This will allow you to target those who aren’t proactive enough to search for this information ahead of time via email.

Though they might be planning on buying at some time, this email can give them that little nudge they need in order for them to make a purchase.

There’s still plenty of time to get these campaigns in place and get the best return you can over the Christmas period!

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