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Ad Of The Month January: Gillette

Happy January to you all! And welcome back to our ad of the month, where each month we breakdown and analyse what we think is the most interesting ad this month.

Now the ad of the month we’ve decided to choose was a pretty obvious one, simply because of the amount of conversations it’s created since it was published, and it is the new Gillette ad.

This ad has caused quite a commotion, a lot of people like it and a lot of people dislike it, with celebrities and high-profile YouTubers getting in the mix with their opinion on what has been seen as quite a controversial ad to some, but a brilliant change from the norm to others, which is exactly why it’s won out ad of the month.

Just look at the commotion it’s caused and the amount of people talking about it, there’s so many news articles, opinions etc. based solely on this ad. Gillette have managed to create so much promotion for themselves through other channels, both positive and negative, it’s actually quite astounding.

We’ll look at the opinion of popular YouTuber Philip DeFranco, who wonders why and how it became this big of a deal. He understands from some level that it could come across as being preachy but he doesn’t see it as an attack on all men.

Whereas on the flipside, Piers Morgan was very unhappy with how Gillette went about with the ad as you can see below:

It’s managed to annoy him so much so, that he’s placed a news article about the advert in his section of the Mail Online.

Some celebrities have even managed to see a funny side to the ad, like Ricky Gervais, who managed to turn an ad that’s making people choose a side, you’re either for it, or against it into a humorous talking point, as you can see below.

Anyway, enough about these others opinions, now it’s time for the ad itself. What Gillette wanted to point out from the ad is changing that old “oh well, boys will be boys” attitude that people have become accustomed to and instead showing that masculinity has changed and it isn’t just about letting boys fight as an example, because boys will be boys, but masculinity its about standing up for what’s right and setting the right image for men of the future.

They’ve even gone as far as changing their renowned slogan of “A best a man can get” to “The best a man can be” to promote this positive masculinity.

You can see the full ad below.

We think that it’s a very clever ad from the Gillette team, simply because of the amount of interest it has created, both positive and negative. They’ve managed to create an ad that conceptualises what men of the world should aspire to be like, instead of accepting the common behaviour, that in the past may have been acceptable. But times change, as do people and Gillette are standing up for something they believe in.

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