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How To Improve Your Blog’s Traffic

Having a blog on your website is great if you’re using it right, it appeals towards your market and pulls in readers who will eventually turn into paying customers. But to even get to that final step, you need to create a blog that’s interesting and engaging towards your target market, not just some general blog that gets very few readers and doesn’t actually interest the right audience.

  1. Create engaging headlines

The first tip we suggest, which isn’t even that difficult, is writing great headlines. Eight out of ten people will click to read your content if the headline is right. You want to ensure that the headlines you’re using entice the audience into clicking and reading your content.

No one’s going to click and read content if the headline is boring and mundane, you want to ensure that you’re piquing your target audience’s interest before they’ve even clicked on the content.

But creating an engaging headline doesn’t mean that you can lack on the content side of the article. If the content within the article is poor and not exactly interesting towards your market, then they know not to trust you. You can’t slack off, you want your headline backed up by the strength of your content.

  1. Generate ideas from your audience

If consumers like your content, then they’re going to share it which means that it will attract more traffic, it’s that simple.

But like we’ve mentioned already you want to create content that they’re going to find interesting, engaging and it needs to answer a question they have and give them something they need.

And what better way to find out what they want than going out and asking them what content they like to see. When they reply you can choose from the most popular option and create content around that. For example, you could create content around frequently asked questions which is a great way to pique the interest of your audience and create useful informative content.

Wardle Academy, A School In Rochdale, use students and what has been occuring at the school as the main drivers of blog ideas. Steve, the head of marketing said “We find that blogging really helps us showcase to parents and students what is occuring at the school. As well as this it showcase what prospective parents and students can get involved with at the school. Which helps drives interest also.”

  1. Use emails to your advantage

People who are interested in your product or service will most likely have provided you with an email which you can contact them with, but there’s no point flooding their inbox with immediate sales emails, because they’ll switch off and most likely mark your emails as spam. You need to work up to getting more traffic and conversions, it doesn’t happen overnight.

You need to send them numerous emails containing content that they’re going to find interesting which ultimately makes them click-through to your website! But getting them to click onto your email in the first place can be difficult considering the number of emails they probably sieve through on a daily basis.

Again, as we mentioned back in the first tip, you want to make the subject line of the email as interesting and engaging as possible so they can’t resist clicking onto it. Once you’ve got them into the email, you’re so close to getting them to click-through to your website, however, you’re not there yet. Your email has to give them valuable information in a short, easily digestible paragraph so they’re itching to find out more.

  1. Use guest blogging

There’s nothing wrong with trying to add a bit of diversity to your blogs to increase the traffic and the best way to do this is through using any industry experts who your audience may be interested about to produce a guest blog.

Not only will their writing style be slightly different to yours, but they will pull others who may not have even heard of your business to your blog, therefore increasing the number of readers your blogs are appealing to.

There’s a number of simple areas you can look at improving when it comes to your blog’s traffic and the ones mentioned are a great place to start for any business looking to increase traffic and conversions.


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