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We are extremely passionate about the work that we do and always work towards developing a personal relationship with our clients, creating original concepts to help clients grow their business in the most imaginative ways, taking simple ideas and giving them a twist to produce a more innovative solution.

We challenge you to really understand your brand and your vision and we help you to articulate what’s in your head: then we help you make it a reality.

The owner of this website, Snowflake Media Group is a full-service marketing agency in Halifax, this means that we offer every single type of strategy to get your business out there, from social media marketing to email marketing to SEO.

Check out some of our marketing success stories.

In a PPC only strategy, within the first 24 days of launching the Claim Your Mortgage brand, we achieved 183 lead conversions and a 15.20% conversion rate through Google AdWords.

In a social media focused strategy, we gained 1,553 likes on Facebook for Gin Lane in the first three weeks of the bar opening. We also reached 39,348 people on Facebook in the first three days of Gin Lane opening.

We wouldn’t want to work with someone we wouldn’t go down the pub with, and we always want to be authentic. We believe marketing success is about more than business, it’s about inspiring and empowering people.

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How We Work

Done For You

The first is a ‘Done For You‘ service, which is what it says on the tin, where we become your marketing department to free you up so you can concentrate on your business whilst we carry out your marketing for you.

Done With You

The second is a ‘Done With You‘ service where we work alongside you and your team to make sure that your marketing always happens at the right time. You benefit from the years of experience we will bring in-house for you.

Do It Yourself

Finally, there’s our ‘Do It Yourself‘ service, where our expert team will advise you exactly how we would approach the marketing and give you the blueprint to follow. Each month we review your progress and make the plan for each month going forward for you to implement.

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