Pryers Solicitors

Pryers Solicitors

We increased PPC conversion rate by 47.90%

After seeing the work that the WAM team had produced for Pure Legal Costs Consultants, Pryers Solicitors invited WAM to manage their PPC campaigns, increase online conversions and manage the Pryers website.

Pryers Solicitors, established in 2002, is a York based law firm, specialising in medical negligence working with clients throughout the UK.

The first step for us was to run a full SEO, PPC, usability and conversion rate optimisation audit on the website and from our findings we could then adjust the PPC campaigns and website accordingly. In line with the results we changed multiple onpage aspects of the website, changed the design of the PPC landing page, removed some budget wasting adverts in the PPC campaign, optimised advert copy and started new advert campaigns.

In addition to this, we installed heat mapping and traffic recording software to the website which allows us to see if there are any barriers or exit patterns on the website. We can then adjust the website to stop this from happening, as well as showing us where the most people are focusing when they land on specific pages on the website.

In the first six months, we have increased the Pryers website’s conversion rate by 10.87%, increased the PPC conversion rate by 47.90% and decreased the average cost per lead from £210 per lead to £160 per lead.

We continue to work with Pryers improving their website, PPC campaigns and conversion rate and look forward to what the future brings.




4th June 2018